You're about to turn your freelancing job into a consulting business.

I'll teach you to use respect to your advantage. Price tiering will raise your average project price. Networking advice and your lead blueprint will keep your sales funnel filled with leads - the recipe to end your dry-spells.

Lessons I'll teach you, for free

  • Instantly: Sample Chapters from Tex Mex Consulting on being an expert and choosing a niche.
  • Tomorrow: Expert status is the only status
  • Day 3: Sell fewer items, not more things
  • Day 5: Risk avoidence & why net-30 should be NOT-30
  • Day 9: Try out your new workflow with new propects
  • Day 14: Are you leaving money on the table by charging by the hour?
  • Day 24: Don't let your dry spells linger, attack them with vigor and purpose
  • Day 29: Networking is just being there and asking people what they are interested in

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About the Author: Jesse Wolgamott


I've been a consultant using open source software stack since 2009 and is an open source developer and contributor. I have taught devs, and is an author, developer, and badass consultant.

I teach software at The Iron Yard, run HoustonRuby and EmberJS Houston, and have given many conference talks. This is my second book.

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